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PA Day Agenda

Monsignor Leo Cleary C.E.S. AGENDA

Professional Activity Day                           Date:

                                                                             Friday, September 28, 2018


Attendees:                All Staff


v  K & RECE Teams – full-day (Memo 22)

v  ABA training for Primary teachers – ½ day

v  GIFGIC - Gr. 5 – ½ day (Memo 013)

v  SESS (EAs) – PD with SLPs, half day, regional; half day H&S

v  CUPE PD from Mehrit Centre

For secretaries, custodians, learning commons specialists – full day


Morning Prayer:                 Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer


Please bring:                        Laptop Computer



§  Review our Catholic School Improvement Plan - Library     for Student Achievement and Well-Being

§  Review the Assessment Handbook

§  Complete Annual Learning Plans




§  Occupational Health and Safety – Library

§  On-line training


Additional Information

Any staff who are out at other functions will complete online Occupation Health and Safety training at another mutually agreed upon time.