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PA Day Agenda

Monsignor Leo Cleary C.E.S. AGENDA

Professional Activity Day                          

                                   2010 crossProvincial PA Day - Friday, April 24, 2020 Agenda 

This Friday’s Provincial PA Day focuses on Special Education and Autism in particular. Given this focus, professional learning for all PVNC staff will be self-directed, differentiated, and while taking place during the day, asynchronous. 

Synchronous Liturgy of the Word 

Staff may choose from the following options: ____________________________________________________________________________ 

Option A: Geneva Centre for Autism Introduction/Refresher on ASD 

This course offers an introduction to supporting students living with Autism within the learning environment. It is a great tool for any educator looking to better understand ASD. 

Option B: Self-Directed Learning 

Staff can select from a variety of the following self-directed learning sites to continue pursuing learning in their area of focus. 

Self Directed Learning Topics 

ASD in the Early Years Autism Navigator 

Mehrit Centre Self regulation/Zones of Regulation 

Social Skill Development You are a Social Detective - Social Thinking 

Mental Health and ASD Relevant resources 

Advanced Learning in ASD Autism Internet Modules


Any staff who are out at other functions will complete online Occupation Health and Safety training at another mutually agreed upon time.