School Life


Students are involved in daily physical activity and school teams that include; soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country running and track and field. For more information please see our Clubs and Sports page.

Attendance Expectations

Punctuality and regular attendance on the part of the student is important to the process of learning. Both the individual student and his or her classmates may be impacted as a result of this issue. Parents will be contacted when late attendance and punctuality become a concern. Board attendance counsellors will be involved if attendance and punctuality do not improve after parent contact has been made by the school.

When your child is going to be absent from school, for any reason, please contact the school at 905-433-0331.

To see the our Board's full Attendance Expectations click here

Co-curricular Activities

There are many clubs available for students. Currently, there are clubs such as the Art Club, Games Club, Recycling, Choir, and Intramural Sports, Lunch Buddies and many more. For more detail, please see our Clubs and Sports page.

Code of Conduct

Our school provides a safe and inclusive learning environment. To view the Board's Code of Conduct page click here.

Summary of Behaviour Expectations

    • Students and staff are to be treated with respect by members of the school community.

    • Staff are to expect co-operation and respect from students. Staff expect students to work to the best of their ability and to complete assignments. Administration, teachers and support staff will work to provide an excellent learning program. Parents are expected to assist teachers, support staff and administration with this process.

    • Students and staff will model Christian behaviour and teach the Catholic faith.

    • Staff will provide students with fair, consistent discipline to encourage positive and responsible choices, and to provide positive, fair consequences for behaviour.

    • The principal with the assistance of teachers and support staff will provide progressive discipline consequences. Serious incidents will result in suspension and/or expulsion as per Board Policy.

Excellence in Learning

Students come to school interested in learning and staff provide students the support they need to succeed.

Living our Faith

The students of Monsignor Leo Cleary school live their faith through daily discussions regarding the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Graduate Expectations and appropriate grade level Catechesis.

Social Justice

The school community is supportive of local and global social justice issues.