Parish Information

Church Youth Group is now up and running for Children grades 6-12.  Friday nights at Monsignor Leo Cleary Gym from 7:30 - 9 pm.  Registration Forms are in the office and on line here.  For more information contact the school office or see the program brochure.

Monsignor Leo Cleary Catholic Elementary School is a welcoming community with a mission to assist all students to achieve their spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional potential in a caring environment.

Academic programs at Monsignor Leo Cleary exist within a spiritual orientation based on the Catholic faith. The tone of the school reflects a theme of respect and responsibility, a collaborative approach to problem solving, and a community focus made up of students, staff, parents, parish, and the wider community. You can read our Catholic Graduate Expectations (CGE) for additional information.

The school comes together to celebrate monthly school masses with its affiliated parish, St. Therese Roman Catholic Church, led by Rev. Father Wojciech Blach and Associate Pastor Fr. Thomaz

St. Therese Church

3800 Courtice Road North 

Courtice, Ontario 

L1E 2L5

Telephone: 905-436-2126




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